Wanna be a Police Officer?

So, do you wanna be a police officer?

If you do, have you got all the information you need about the job to really make an informed decision?

Are all your beliefs about being a cop based on television shows and movies? If so, you need to check out my website.

In it, you'll find lots of information on what's required to become a cop, and the day to day duties and activities that are required of an officer.


First, allow me to say that this has been one of the best online resources I've found detailing the life of a police officer.Thanks for the helpful and personable info.

-Julianna from Indiana (website user)

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I've talked to high school and even college students who say : "that's all I've ever wanted to do !"

But after talking to them, I realize they don't know anything about the duties that will be required of them.

Maybe they've seen cruisers, flying down the pavement going code 3 to an emergency call. Or maybe they've looked up into the sky and seen the air support helicopter hovering up above.

But, believe me...

There's a lot more to the job than just that!

That's what led to the creation of this website. A realization that many people have no real idea on what it's like to do this job.

People may think that it's all excitement and fun. They think that the job mirrors exactly what they see on television. Whether it's a tv show or a movie, they believe that the fictional account of the job is based on reality.

Unfortunately, that just isn't the case.

TV shows like CSI and Criminal Minds may be exciting and dramatic, but it's just television. There's a crime, an investigation, and an arrest. And it happens in an hour. Sometimes it's a two parter and it's REALLY exciting.

But, is it accurate? Does it reflect what really goes on with law enforcement and what they deal with on a daily basis?

Answer: No. Not exactly, lol.

This can be rewarding, exciting, and challenging work...but it is also riddled with frustration and difficulty.

We'll talk about lots of different things. The work schedule, the camaraderie among the boys (and girls), the expectations that the higher ups have of you, and what the public thinks of you. Why this line of work can be great, and why people sometimes just say, screw it! and quit.

Maybe you're getting ready to graduate from high school, and you're trying to plan out your future. Or, maybe you already have a job, but you're just not that into it. Or you may be someone who is just curious about what it's like being in law enforcement. 

Use this site to gain info and determine if you think it's really for you.

At the very least, I hope this site can provide you with an insightful and entertaining read on a unique, and sometimes
very bizarre profession.

Some of the pages have comment boxes. Please feel free to leave a comment, idea, or questions. I'll do my best to answer it honestly and as accurately as I can.