young woman has question about harassment

I am an attractive mid-20s woman, and I have long thought about a career in police work in a big city.

But my priority is keeping my sanity and relationship intact.

Would I be subject to an intolerable amount of sexual harassment and solicitations for dates and sex? When?
Are women exempt from hazing? Is hazing sexual in nature?

I've worked in male-dominated jobs before, where the manager led the example in sexual harassment touching, put downs of my boyfriend, solicitations for dates. Asking him to stop harassing me was enough to make him stop, thankfully.

How would this situation apply to being in the police force?

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Sep 04, 2014
Yes, it could happen. But it could in any other profession as well...
by: Police-Officer-Pages

Your question can be difficult to answer :

First, you have to remember that no matter where you work, people could potentially face scenarios and situations of harassment. No matter what the profession, there will ALWAYS be bad apples. Will the department you choose have more bad apples than any other large department? I can't give you a definite answer...

Having said that, times have definitely changed. Back in the day when police departments were old school old boys' clubs, you would have had to deal with sexual harassment a lot more than now. There weren't really ways/places that you could go to if you had a situation for harassment.

Nowadays, many organizations (and pretty much all government organizations) have an anti harassment policy in the workplace, and it is easier to deal with an a-hole who is making unwanted advances or comments.

This occupation still has more males than women, and there are still issues when it comes to sexism. But I don't think that you should let the possibility of running into some jerk coworker be the deciding factor on whether or not you should give it a try.

Is it possible that a male officer may find you attractive and ask you out on a date? Absolutely. But if you aren't interested, tell him directly and if he's a decent individual that will be all it takes.

But this scenario could happen in any workplace, not just policing. So don't let that possibility deter you from giving your dream job serious consideration.

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