Volunteer Work

One way to become a more competitive Police applicant is to do some volunteer work. It can range from volunteering in a hospital, to becoming a reserve officer.

Remember, being a Police Officer is about serving the community and helping people.

Volunteering shows recruiters that you will go out into your community and do exactly that.

Any type of this work is going to help you become a better candidate in the eyes of a recruiter. I suggest getting involved in something that genuinely interests you. If you need some suggestions, consider the following:

- Local youth drop in center

- Charity based organization

- Write for a local neighbourhood newspaper/newsletter (this can be especially useful because you can write articles on issues involving the neighbourhood. As you know, Police work is a lot of report writing. Writing in a newspaper will show that you have the ability to express yourself coherently in a forum where people will be reading it.)

- Cultural events (The ethnic population is constantly growing. Showing an interest and embracing other cultures will be an asset)

- Police Victim Services program

- Auxiliary / reserve police officer program

- Coach in any sports that you are familiar with

- A hospital

- An old age facility

Anything where you interact with other people in a voluntary capacity will be beneficial. There are lots of opportunities out there. Also, if you are even considering applying to the Police, get out and start the volunteering NOW! Putting on your resume that you have only been at it for just 3 weeks isn't going to sound good.

It will be blatantly obvious that you only went out because you wanted to apply to the Police Department.

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