Suicide By Cop

Suicide by cop, also known as death by cop, is a phenomenon where a person who wants to commit suicide decides to create a scenario or situation which forces the police officer to use lethal force.

The general public is very aware that Police are trained to use force to stop a threat, and are even authorized to use deadly force if the situation warrants it.

People wanting to commit suicide by cop take advantage of this trained response to meet their own needs.

The police officer, in essence, becomes a tool for the suicide.

Clearly, this is a no win situation for the officer involved in the incident.

If the suspect has decided that they want to commit death by cop, and takes the necessary steps to force the hands of the officers, the officer will have very little choice. The officer must protect him/herself as well as nearby civilians, and discharging their firearm may be their only option.

Its uncertain why an individual would choose this method of suicide, although there are some theories.

One belief is that the individual is unwilling or unable to take the violent act to end their own life, and thus create a deadly situation thereby relying on the police.

Another possibility is that a person may want some kind of media attention or record of their demise. By carrying out a suicide by cop scenario in the public eye, they may feel they are getting some form of recognition prior to their death.

Police departments recognize this phenomenon as legitimate, and even incorporate it into their officer training.

It is important to note, however, that regardless of the scenario - whether the subject intends to use the police to die or not- that there should not be any real change in how the officers deal with the subject.

Of paramount importance is YOU! The officer`s safety! If your safety is compromised and you witness a violent act which may result in serious harm or death, whether it be you or a civilian, take action! If the situation dictates using lethal force, do what you have been trained to do. You have not failed, and you have done your job in good faith.

Will the entire ordeal be difficult? Absolutely. But this is another reality that as police officers, we may one day have to face.

Have a look at the video below...

Did you notice that the driver came out of the truck and walked straight towards the cruiser with his hands together and extended outwards like a shooter?

It seems reasonable that the officers would have no choice but to fire their weapons to defend themselves doesn't it?

As it turns out, the guy wasn't even carrying a gun, it was an ice scraper.

But everything that we see, the sudden exit from the truck, the quick walk towards the cruiser, the object in the hand and the shooter stance seem to indicate that the guy is looking to engage the police and provoke a lethal reaction.

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