Seattle Police Jobs

Seattle Police jobs / positions are currently available! The Seattle Police Department is hiring for both new recruits / entry level officers as well as lateral hires (experienced police officers from other departments who are looking to transfer).

Applications for entry level (people without policing experience) will only be taken until January 14 2014, so if you are interested in applying and getting to sit for the next available exam, you have to get going on the paperwork. (They began accepting applications on October 15 2013)

If you haven't even started the application process by now, you might want to reconsider and aim for Seattle's process scheduled tentatively for July. If you do try to get it in by the 14th, you'll be rushing to get all the paperwork organized and might not give you enough time to prepare for the civil service exam. Just a thought, but obviously it's up to you ...

At this point, the next civil service exam is scheduled for Saturday February 8, 2014. The physical testing in scheduled for February 22, 2014. (For applicants who are traveling from out of state, the Seattle Department is allowing an entire series of testing to take place all within a few days of February 8th. Exams will be scored, and provided that you are successful, they will move on to the next portion of the testing.)

If you are unable to get your application in on time and make the exam in February, the next written testing date is set for July 12 2014, with the physical test scheduled for July 26. At present, application timelines for the future dates have yet to be set.

The test consists of both a written and video test. The written portion has memorization, spelling, grammar and reading comprehension. There is an hour and a half study session before the civil service exam begins so that applicants can prepare themselves for the memorization portion of the testing.

For experienced applicants, the Seattle Police is only excepting applications until January 7 2014. Testing for lateral transfers will take place between January 29 and February 1 2014.

If you take the civil service exam and are unsuccessful in getting the required 80% score to pass, you will unfortunately have to wait 6 months to re take the exam. You will therefore be ineligible to sit for the July 2014 testing.

At this point, I'm not sure about the number of officer positions / Seattle police jobs that are currently available and that they are trying to fill. If I am able to determine the number, this page will be updated. If you're interested in seeing what Seattle's finest gets paid, click here.

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