School Guard

Speaking to a school guard can be a tremendous resource for an officer when investigating at a school. They are part security, part hall monitor, and can be very helpful when you are on school property.

The reason? Schools often have people who float around the property to keep a watchful eye on what the students are doing.

In some cases, schools may have uniform wearing security who patrol the hallways and entrance/exits. In other cases, they may be in regular street clothes, and may not necessarily be seen as just "security." Those that are in street clothes may be seen as more approachable, and be privy to information from students.

They can get to know which students hang out with each other, where they go to hang out, what the rumors are in the halls, any beefs that particular groups may have with one another, when a fight is supposed to take place after school, etc.

Because they are in regular clothing, they are easier to fit in and eventually just become a part of daily routine of the students. The guard may not be seen as threatening, and their close proximity to the kids allows them to overhear and observe their interactions with one another.

However, a Police officer who goes to a school may find it difficult to get information. Students don't want to be seen as "rats" by giving out anything to a cop.

But, the information may already be out, and in the hands of the guard.

By getting to know the guards, you may be able to find out certain information that can be difficult to obtain without their help.

Unfortunately, due to many tragic and horrifying incidents that have been taking place in schools as of late (I'm referring to the horrible shootings and murders that have taken place at some of the schools throughout the United States and the world) it seems that the position of school guard is becoming more and more dangerous as well as vital.

Many seem to be calling for armed guards in the schools ( The National Rifle Association is actually calling for Police Officers to now be posted at all the schools as a permanent post. If this happens, that is a lot of police man power that will be taken off patrol)

Of course, many people don't feel that having a series of armed school guards is the way to be protecting our children, but we'll have to see what happens.

In any event, it's a good idea to drop into the schools and say hello to the staff and the guards. They'll always have some information that may be helpful to you. They'll know who is hanging out with who, which people are having a beef with one another, and who to keep an eye on.

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