San Jose Police Salary

The San Jose Police salary begins at $33.28 an hour during training at the Police Academy.

Once recruits have graduated, it increases to step 1 salary of $74,982 and the highest level attained is step 7 salary $116, 206.

San Jose officers work 10 hour shifts/4 days a week and receive a 5 percent bonus pay for special assignments.

The San Jose Police pay is also supplemented by the opportunities for off duty secondary employment shifts which begin at $44 per hour.

The dental plan is 100 percent covered and the medical plan is 90 percent covered.

Officers receive 8 days of vacation at the beginning of their careers which increases to 18 days.

Officers also receive 96 hours of sick time each year. Unused sick time is banked at the end of each year, and upon retirement officers can cash out the sick hours.

Officers also get a yearly uniform allowance of $675 and 5.62 percent holiday pay compensation.

Officers who are fluent also get a bi weekly bilingual pay.

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