San Diego Police Salary

The starting San Diego Police salary is $46,356 during training. Police salary increases incrementally until it reaches the top rate of $72,924 which is attained after a total of 4 years on the police force.

Officers also have the opportunity (if they choose) to take advantage of an educational incentive program which rewards officers with a four year university degree. After 2 to 4 years, they will receive a slight increase in their pay.

The San Diego Police offers a somewhat unique medical plan. Officers are alloted a certain dollar value in their plan. They are given much more control with their healthcare as they are allowed to tailor make their own medical plan in whatever they see fits their home /family situation.

SDPD officers get between 17 - 21 days of vacation, depending on how long they have been employed.

They also receive a yearly uniform allowance, opportunities for special assignment pay, tuition reimbursement of $1,000 per year for higher education, and a 4 day work week schedule.

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