Sacramento Police Salary

The Sacramento Police salary for new police officers is $3,336 per month, or the equivalent of $40,032 per year.

After graduating from the academy and sworn in, salary increases to $50,595 for the first year. Officers who have a Bachelor's degree earn an extra 5%.

The salary increases incrementally every year, until it reaches the top wage of $70,272.00

This does not include extra money that can be made through overtime and court attendance on days off.

Field Training Officers also receive a 9% increase in their wage for training new recruits.

Officers start out with 12 paid holidays per year and 10 vacation days. The number of vacation days increases with every year of employment.

Officers also receive 12 sick days per year.

Within one year of becoming a sworn officer, members of the Sacramento Police are required to live within 35 air miles from the freeway interchange of W-X Streets, 29th-30th Streets.

Officers are also required to pass an annual physical performance test.

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