Rodney King

The name Rodney King evokes different ideas and thoughts in the minds of many people.

On March 3 1991 King was in a vehicle and led LAPD officers in a high speed pursuit.

At the time, King was on parole for a robbery conviction where he had robbed a convenience store. He led officers in a pursuit and refused to stop for Police as he had been drinking.

King has since cited his reason for not stopping is because he would have been arrested for driving under the influence, which would have been a violation of his parole conditions - sending him back to prison.

When the vehicle was eventually stopped, officers attempted to arrest him.

King resisted arrest, and began to fight with officers. The officers used force to protect themselves and attempted to take him in to custody.

King continued to resist arrest at which time officers began to strike Rodney with their batons. King was also tazed by officers, but still refused to do as he was told.

The incident was recorded by a bystander using a handheld video camera.

King was eventually taken into custody but the video of the incident gained worldwide attention.

Four officers were eventually charged with excessive use of force but three were acquitted, causing the already tense relations between the Police and black community to worsen.

A six day riot took place in Los Angeles starting on April 29, 1992. Over 50 people were killed with thousands of people suffering injuries.

King sued the city and won just under 4 million dollars. Over the next several years, King attempted to live a normal life, but continued to get into trouble with the law. He was arrested for assault, DUI, and was even the victim of a shooting which he survived.

King also ended up on reality television Celebrity rehab to face his alcoholism and drug addictions.

On June 17 2012, Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool. The autopsy showed that he had drowned.

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