The psychological assessment is an important step for the Police. They have to ensure that your are mentally and emotionally stable.

If hired, you will be tasked with dealing with dangerous and volatile situations. It's important for the Police to know that the candidate is not going to become a liability.

My assessment involved two portions: a test, and an interview.


My psychological test involved answering a test which had multiple choice and true/false questions. There were about 200 questions I think.

Some questions were pretty straight forward. Others were "out there." I actually started giggling in the middle of the test.

One of the questions was: "If I concentrate really hard, I believe that I can turn move objects with my mind."

Now, you tell me if you would start laughing in the middle of the test. I did. Let me offer you some advice. If you see that question, answer "false".


The interview with the psychologist was pretty informal. She just asked me questions but I didn't feel any pressure. It almost seemed just like a converstaion.

Sometimes when I gave her an answer, she asked me another question which branched off from the answer I had given her previously. So, it did just seem like a converstaion without any specific "set in stone" questions.

We talked about my family life and childhood. Also about fears and disappointments in life,in general terms.

That was it.

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