The Police Test

The Police test is the first major step of the Police recruiting process (besides the application form of course). This can be an exciting experience because you attend a facility and sit down with other applicants.

You'll see the faces of all the other hopefuls who want to become cops as well.

But if you're not prepared, your dreams could end right here... Many departments use a recruiting exam which test different components such as reading comprehension, spelling, arithmetic, basic logic, and writing.

You have to prepare for this police test. How much is really difficult for me to explain.

If you're in college or university, or have recently finished college or university, your grasp of spelling and writing should be half decent (unless all you did was party and just barely scrape by).

In this case you can probably focus mostly on basic math. They're not going to ask you to solve some elaborate calculus problem that would require a calculator.

But you should be comfortable with addition, subtraction, multiplication, get the picture

If you haven't been in school in a while, you should definitely spend time on spelling and reading comprehension. You can improve this by simply reading a book or magazine.

Then pick up a dictionary. Sounds strange, I know, but look through it. The more words that you see on a constant basis, the more that your brain will begin to recognize and store.

Remember, if you haven't been in school in a while, you have to get your brain focused on studying again. We all do things everyday without thinking about it- driving a car, cooking, cleaning the house.

But we never sit down and study or take an exam- unless you have a reason for it.

This is going to be behavior that you won't be used to unless you start working on it. Going in to a Police test without having your brain ready for a test isn't going to work. You'll sit down and not be sure of yourself.

Writing. This one may throw you for a loop. Despite what some people think, there are no requirements for you to know any "police jargon".

No "cop talk". Just write it in regular, normal, everyday words. Don't say "perp" or "lawyer'd up".

During the written test you'll be told to write an essay. Use paragraphs!

You'll be given a set of facts and they'll want to see if you can write a coherent essay describing the situation.

They'll want you to do this because during your employment as a Police Officer, you'll be writing countless reports.

You can also go to a bookstore and pickup a Police Exam preparation book. They'll have many exercises on spelling, writing, and even memory. Oh, and one more thing...DO NOT DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS BEFORE GOING TO DO THE TEST! Once you are sitting in the exam area and the test starts, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!

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