Police officer Job Descriptions

People often ask for police officer job descriptions when they are curious/interested in applying to the Police. But it`s not always easy to summarize. There are many duties of a police officer and some members of the public may not even be aware of how deep the responsibilities of an officer may go.

Aside from easing their foot off the gas pedal when they see a Police car, the public (generally speaking of course)only thinks of the Police when they need help. Especially if their safety is at risk.
It is true that one of the main duties of a police officer is to ensure the safety of the community.

This is  perhaps the most basic and most important responsibility of the Police. And clearly, it is also the most easily identifiable to members of the public. What do we teach our kids? To call the police if they are in danger. We instill this in our children and it is instinctive  (at least it damn well better be) to all Police Officers.

But the duties of a police officer extend further. There are different types of laws that  can be enforced, and many tasks which are not exactly exciting but are included in police officer job descriptions.

You know the saying "to protect and to serve?" It's accurate, but there are many ways to do that. Let's analyze this a bit further and in more detail.

Duties of a police officer include:

-Attending radio calls which are called in by civilians needing  help
-Arresting suspects who have committed crimes
- Patrolling the streets in areas of high crime to maintain Police presence. This can act as a deterrent to criminals who may be considering engaging in a criminal offense.



- Approaching suspicious individuals and investigating them. Determining the identity of the individuals may reveal warrants of arrest or violations of court imposed or probation conditions.

- Attending code 3 emergency situations such as natural disasters, fires, and violent crimes.

- Engaging violent suspects who represent an immediate danger to the public, and neutralizing them if required.

- Attending protests to ensure order is maintained. When large groups gather, mob mentality can set in and property can be destroyed and people can become injured.

- Conducting searches for suspects or missing people.

- Enforce traffic laws such as speed limits to try and curb accidents and traffic related injuries and deaths. The public is never happy when you issue them a citation, but it does act to change poor driving behavior when they realize that the area is being watched.


The above mentioned may be considered the most exciting duties of an officer but there are also other duties.

Further police officer job descriptions include :

-Taking statements from victims and witnesses for investigations and for court evidence.

-Attending and protecting crime scenes.

-Attending non emergency calls such as neighbor disputes.

- Seizing property and collecting evidence

- Canvassing neighborhoods and homes in an attempt to locate witnesses and gather further evidence

- Liasing with other social services agencies regarding investigations and issues in the community

- Performing public relations work at schools and community events.

-Attending schools investigate problems and complaints regarding youth and students. Unfortunately, officers are having to maintain a presence at schools on a somewhat consistent basis as issues such as bullying, gangs, drugs and school violence seems to continue. Officers can utilize resources within the school such as  the "school guard" who often act like a hybrid between security and a monitor.

- Attending court and providing testimony during trials.

-Liasing with the prosecutor when preparing cases that are heading for trial. This includes maintaining communication  with victims and witnesses and ensuring that they will be attending the trial as required.

- Complete tons of paperwork/reports regarding not just arrested suspects and outstanding crimes, but for other reasons, some of which include, but are not limited to : seized property, property located, narcotics seizure reports, damages, suspect injury reports, and the list goes on and on....

-Making notifications to family members of an injured or deceased person. ( One of the most heart wrenching duties you can be asked to perform)


The above list is just a sample of the things that officers will perform in the line of duty. Many things asked of you will be beyond any written police officer job descriptions.

Remember, your job in this capacity is what you make of it!

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