Police Notes

Police notes are extremely important as that is what officers use to record the events that have taken place at the scene of a crime.

They can encompass various things- observations of the scene, the weather at the time of the investigation, sounds that have been heard, smells- you name it, it can all be recorded if relevant. Diagrams of the scene, sketches of an item stolen that is described by the victim- anything and everything can be written down if the officer feels that it may be of some use or benefit at some point during the investigation.

Often times officers must take statements from victims or witnesses, and these statements are often taken by the officer in their notes. They are written down in an issued notebook.

It is important for the statement of the victim or witness to be taken while the events are still fresh in their minds, so that they can provide as many details as possible. The whole idea for taking the statement is to record things as these details may be forgotten or become "blurry" with time.

In some cases, statements are not just taken with a pen and pad, but are sometimes taken via video.

Usually these statements are taken in more serious cases as it can show emotion from the victim, and typically these statements can go into much more detail and encompass a lot more volume, so taking it by hand can be difficult.

These notations and statements must be provided to the Defence in cases where suspects are charged. It is required by law that they have full disclosure so that they can prepare their defense.

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