Who's Hiring? Which departments have police jobs available?

Finding police jobs and knowing which departments are hiring is obviously a big advantage when trying to earn a position as a cop. 

Before we check out which ones are doing so, let's evaluate what it means when a department is hiring...

Any police department will have to deal with fluctuating numbers of officers. Whether its from retirement, transfers or dismissals, the number of employed officers will drop unless they are replaced with new ones.

Police departments will usually always take applications. Even if there isn't a huge recruitment push, applications are sorted, looked at,  and considered.

So is it worth pitting in an application  even if there isn't a huge employment campaign? I'd say yes. It can't hurt.



Now, what if there is a hiring push? What if a police department announces to the country "we're hiring!" That means a couple of things. Either they've just gotten a huge increase in their budget, or they're predicting a large exodus of officers from the department- whatever the reason may be.

So, that means you should get your application in. The department is actively looking to fill spots that MUST be filled.

But, keep in mind that just putting in an application at these times doesn't guarantee that you'll get a job. You have to be a quality applicant. You're competing with others who are also dead set on this job, so make sure that you've done things to improve yourself as a candidate. Education, volunteer work, languages, yada yada yada... you get the drift.

So, getting back to the question... Who's hiring?


This section will attempt to stay current as to which departments are actively looking to recruit officers to replace/ fill spots.

If any change in the status of departments listed below takes place, the webpage will be updated at the bottom of that specific department's page ( deleting and adding a new page just to say the employment campaign has ended is a lot of work, after all)

So, take a gander...

LAPD jobs  

Seattle Police Jobs



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