Police in the News

When you turn on the TV, there seems to be a slew of stories about police in the news. A lot of the times, the media reports about an incident that has taken place, and during the course of the telecast, it becomes mentioned that the police have attended to investigate.

Sometimes, however, the story is in fact about police officers themselves, either as a group, or as an individual. Sometimes the stories are positive, but unfortunately, there are also times that they are negative.

They report about the good things, but the negative stories seem to roll full steam ahead, almost eclipsing the type of coverage that is given to any good stories.

It is sometimes going to seem like the media and public hate you, and are out to make an example of you, and the occupation and career of policing. Almost like they take pleasure in pointing out an officer that is going through a rough time, or possibly made an error in judgment.

The reality is that newspapers and other forms of media want to report anything that can grab people's attention and sell papers or increase viewership. Its the way it is, and it just isn't going to change any time soon. To put it another way, you'll just have to get used to it.

There's really no shortage of police stories.

On this web site, we'll look at different stories, but try to focus more on stories that are a bit more uplifting. Things that are going on and in the news that can be useful in highlighting specific or interesting points about what the job is like.

As for the others, some might be a bit darker and even depressing, but if it has something that can be used to show certain points about what its like to be a cop, it can be really useful.

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