The Police Interview

The Police interview. I remember mine. I was nervous as hell. I didn't know what to expect because they didn't advertise what they would be asking me.

My strategy going into this was to have a broad list of answers for any number of generic questions that I figured that they would have.

I figured that they would ask me questions like, "why do you want to be a Police Officer?", and "why do you want to join our organization?"

I was right about those two.

Your employment interview will probably also include generic qustions that get asked at any job interview, like:

"What is your greatest accomplishment and why you are proud of it?"

"Give me an example of a time that you were part of a team, and your role."

My interview also involved questions relating to my background and family life. They asked me if I had ever stolen anything, or been drinking under age.

They asked me if I had ever smoked dope. They also asked me situational questions, asking how I would handle a certain situation.

Prior to you interview, try thinking abour situations that you've had in your life.

Things that you're proud of, and things that didn't go your way. Think of what you've learned from those situations.

If you have those situations in mind before your interview, you'll be able to fall back to those scenarios when you encounter certain types of questions.

Also, when you're at home, trying doing a mock interview. Answer out loud so that you get accustomed to hearing yourself answer intelligently.

Any situation that you're not used to is going to cause you some stress. If you've practiced speaking in a professional manner out loud, it well come naturally during the actual interview and you'll be more relaxed.

Recruiters know that applicants are not going to be perfect. And if you try to advertise yourself as being perfect in every single possibe way, they may not believe you.

That doesn't mean that you should try and make yourself out to be a bad azz!

Just answer truthfully, and be yourself.

Now, how should you dress for the Police interview ? Wear a suit! Nothing less will do.

You are applying to the Police Department, not going out to a nightclub. A friend of mine went to the interview wearing dress pants, dress shirt,and a vest.

OK, that may be fine for some job interviews where you want to have some flair, but it's not what the Police Department is looking for.

Remember, recruiters want mature individuals.

They want people who are grounded and know the importance of dress and deportment. How you present yourself in the interview will indicate how you will present yourself out in the public when you are working...or in the courtroom when you are testifying during trial.

Remember, it's not just the answers you give during the interview, but the way you present and conduct yourself. Even if they throw tough questions your way!

And make sure that you don't walk in with long, straggly hair. It doesn't have to be high and tight like the military. But make sure that it's somewhat respectable and clean cut.

For women, I'm going to say that a business suit is the best. I've never worn a dress, or given much though into women's business fashion, so I'm not an authority on what's considered acceptable. But you can't be wrong with a business suit.

Also, don't go in wearing layers of makeup. Some is fine, but you want to look professional, not made up for a night on the town. My last piece of advice is, answer honestly during the Police interview. If you lie, you're going to get caught later on.

Most Police departments use a polygraph test, and they will ask you during that test if you've lied during your Police interview or application process.

Don't risk it.

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