Police Friendly

Creating a police friendly environment or neighborhood is one of the goals of having beat cops out there in the community.

Why? Its not because cops want or have some need to be loved :)

Its because the lines of communication open up when there is a good relationship between the police and the people that they are sworn to serve and protect.

When there is good communication between the two, trust develops and information which is helpful to the Police in preventing crimes and apprehending suspects becomes easier to come by.

Any person who lives in a neighborhood with problems could be reluctant to speak with Police. They may be worried that others in the community will frown upon them because they may be seen as a snitch.

The difficult part is changing the outlook that people in the neighborhood have of police. If people get to know officers because they are working the beat in that area, after a period of time, they may become accepted as part of the neighborhood. It can shift from a neighborhood that has an "us vs them" mentality, to a more pro police neighborhood that accepts police as part of it's makeup.

When that begins to take hold, more people will approach officers and open up about issues in the area. They may no longer feel uncomfortable with being seen speaking to officers because enough of the people in the area will be pro police and have a positive outlook on officers being in the area. When their numbers and strength out match the numbers of the problem individuals in the area, real change can take place.

Now, how long will it take for this change to happen? It's difficult to say. It could take several months, to several years, to a generation of kids or youth growing into adulthood.

Or, it may never take place. There is no guaranteed or definite answer.

But, there is no question that if Police are able to assist in creating a shift to a police friendly community, it can only lead to good relations between the two, and a change for the better.

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