Police Fitness Testing

The Police fitness testing portion can be challenging. But you can succeed. All you have to do is put the time into the training.

It's not hard to imagine what will be involved. There are different components to fitness- cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, agility.

Day to day Police work can be varied. Some days you're just going to low priority calls and taking reports. But some days, it can be packed with physical activity.

From getting into a foot pursuit, to dealing with a suspect who is resisting arrest, you can never be sure.

But, you must be in good shape. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT! Some Police fitness testing involve a 1.5 mile run to determine you cardiovascular fitness. Then they will use some form of calisthenic exercise, such as push up repetitions and sit ups to determine muscular strength and endurance. There can be a flexibility component as well.

Depending on which Police Department you are applying to, you usually have to be able to do the running portion somewhere between 14-16 minutes.

You should try to get in good shape so that you can do the run in under 12 minutes. Why?

Because in every stage of the recruitment phase, you are competing with other applicants. In order to stand out you need to exceed the minimum requirements.

To train for this portion of the Police fitness testing, start out by just light jogging for whatever you're comfortable with.

Slowly increase the pace and distance. With time, you will have to buckle down and become a bit more disciplined. As your fitness increases, set goals for yourself. Run at a moderate pace for 10 mins...then 15....then 20.

Now, throw in some short sprints for 10 seconds in the middle of your run before returning to your normal pace. You'll feel a major burning in your legs.

When you're ready, increase it to 15 - 20 seconds. Interdisperse them in your run. The burning sensation in your legs will be a result of lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

Trust me, this will help to increase your running speed.

For the pushups, most departments will give you 1 minute to do as many strict form pushups as possible. The minimum requirements are anywhere from 25-30.

To train for this, place your arms shoulder length apart and go down to the floor about 6 inches, then push up until your arms are fully extended.

Make sure you use strict form because during the test there will likely be someone placing a fist under your chest or chin to make sure that you make contact.

With the situps, you'll be instructed to keep your knees ninety degrees and given a minute to do as many as you can. Again, when training for this, make sure that you use strict form and don't swing using momentum.

Not all departments use this kind of Police fitness testing. Some departments will use a kind of obstacle course that encompasses all different aspects at once.

It encompasses running up short stairs, making sharp turns, jumping over obstacles, upperbody strength and endurance via some resistance apparatus, all while taxing the cardiovascualr system.

The reality is, each department will provide details as to what is expected of you for the Police fitness testing.

When you get to this stage, there's no reason to guess- they won't throw any surprises at you.

There's no secret to how to pass this fitness testing. Just be active!

Make sure that you give yourself lots of time. You should really be giving yourself months to train and improve your fitness levels.

The more time you have, the more training you can get in. The more training you get in, the better your results will be at the fitness test.

You can definitely do well in this portion of the Police recruitment process. Just put in the time and effort for the training!

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