Police Excitement

People often think that being a cop with exciting. Sure, you have moments of Police excitement, but it can be stressful too.

When you're working, you'll be going to calls, doing paperwork/reports, traffic stops, and just patroling. A lot of it won't be exciting.

The exciting part comes into play when you go from a boring, or run of the mill duty, to being thrown into a higher priority situation.

It can be going to a robbery call, foot chase of a suspect, backing up another officer, to observing something suspicious and moving in to investigate.

When your adrenaline kicks in your heart starts pounding. It's a rush, but it's also stressful.

You may not see it as stress- you may consider it excitement, and one of the reasons you are interested in the job.

But going from a semi relaxed state to a sudden adrenaline rush is physiologically stressful, and can also wear on you mentally.

Remember, every day as a Police Officer is different.

In my opinion, that's one of the best things about being a cop.

That's why its exciting. But the uncertainty of each day does make it stressful. It's something that you'll have to accept as part of the job.

The things that make being a Police Officer exciting are often times, the same things that can be dangerous or risky. The unknown of what's around the corner.

Or what's about to happen...

When people watch movies, they see images of cops jumping onto moving cars or having shootouts with the bad guys every 15 minutes.

In reality, you would NEVER jump onto the hood of a speeding car (only Martin Riggs ever survives that) and shooting your gun is very rare. Most officers will go their entire career without shooting their sidearm on the street.

But, being a cop is still quite exciting. Going code 3 to a Robbery call- driving quickly, (BUT SAFELY !!!)attending the scene, or searching for the suspect is going to get your heart pumping.

But it's not just code 3 calls that are filled with police excitement. Just the fact that every working day is slighly different makes it unique.

Are there moments of boredom? Yes. Absolutely. But even the boredom faced by a Police Officer is more interesting than the boredom faced by an office worker.

Both Police, and a run of the mill office job have an excessive amount of paperwork. With the Police, the paperwork usually comes from after having made an arrest, or going to a call which requires a report.

Now, which do you think is more interesting? Doing a report for something that is Police related, or filling out a requisition order for 6 Hewlett Packard printers which need servicing?

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