Police Education Requirement

Exceeding the Police education requirement is one way to become a competitive Police applicant. Remember, you're competing against others for the job.

Consider studying in a College or University.

What subject? It actually doesn't really matter. Just study something you enjoy.

Most, if not all Police Departments require at least some post secondary credits.

By completing a degree or a diploma, you show that you will complete what you begin. But, more importantly than that, YOU SHOW THAT YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO LEARN! When a Police applicant is hired, the Police spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in training that applicant.

It's basically an investment in that Police recruit.

It's money that can'tbe returned to the department should the applicant not succeed and fail to become a Police Officer.

So, a major concern for Police Departments is that recruits that they hire either fail during the training, or show that they are unable to apply their knowledge in working conditions during the first years.

By having a degree or diploma, they can be more confident in you because you have shown that you can complete a degree.

It is unlikely (though not impossible)that someonewho completes a diploma or degree does not possess the skills to study and learn.

If you've already got the basic education requirements and feel that you are already a cometitive applicant due to other skills you possess, and are dead set to apply right now, well go ahead.

Not every cop has a degree or diploma.

BUT, I believe that it's really worthwhile to remain in the program and complete it. It will be great to fall back on your degree or diploma should the Police thing not work out.

Plus, you've already spent so much time and money already, why not complete it?

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