Reasons why police should eat healthy... 

Do you think police should eat healthy? Is it a big deal if they don't?

Everyone should do their best to eat quality, nutritious foods, but for police officers, it is definitely important. And unfortunately, it can be difficult to do...

But why? After all, lots of people eat poorly. Why should cops be any different?



Well, let's consider the following...

Police officers typically work two shifts. Days and nights. (At least most departments have a 12 hour shift that their officers work).

If you're working 12 hour days, you may start at either 6 AM or 7 AM. Which means that you're waking up and rolling out of bed at 4:30 to 5:30 AM. You head in to work, get suited up and get ready to go.

But trust me, you're going to be dog tired getting up that early in the morning. I just don't believe that humans are meant to get up that early in the morning. (In fact, I consider that the middle of the night)

You need nutrition, and eating a greasy breakfast sandwich or jelly doughnut from a coffee shop isn't good for you. It's refined food with simple carbohydrates, saturated fats and trans fats. Your body, in it's exhausted state, truly needs something better.


Check out the video below. It's about a decision that Mexico's police has put into place:



If you're working nights, you're going to be awake overnight and going to be hurting. Exhausted. Red eyed. Whatever you want to call it. And again, refined foods with sugary simple carbohydrates and tons of caffeine isn't exactly the best for you. It just isn't.

But the difficulty is the following: If you haven't bothered to pack a lunch with you, you've got to buy. And if it's late at night, what's going to be open? Fast food. Or if you're working early mornings, what's going to be open? Fast food.

Now, once or twice is ok the odd time. But it becomes so easy to fall into a pattern.

And when you're constantly fatigued, malnourished from poor eating on a consistent basis, you can really run into trouble. Add that into the drinking on your days off, and any other vices, you're just asking for trouble.

Remember, as a cop, you're putting your body through a lot. You're sleep deprived, stressed out, and need to be in shape to defend yourself should the shit hit the fan.

If you're planning on being a cop, remember. Police should eat healthy. Bring a lunch as often as possible. Nutritious foods including veggies and fresh fruit.

You'll feel a lot better in the long run.

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