Do you have the necessary Police Officer Qualities to be successful? Find out below...

Do you want to be a cop? Do you have the necessary police officer qualities that would make you successful in this challenging career?

Yes, lots of folks are interested in being cops. But do all of them have those qualities?

The answer: No. Not all.

That doesn't mean that they aren't being genuine or sincere in wanting a career as a cop.

They may indeed want to help others and give back to their community. But, you can help others in many many different ways.

Being a cop is a very challenging and difficult job, and although you can help others, you need to have specific qualities and be the right kind of individual to do it.

So, what are these qualities? Think you can list a bunch? It's easy to just list a bunch of them. Really, it is. Just list a bunch of words that would describe a good person- a reliable, honest, hard working person.

But, words are easy. Really, it is. Lets list a bunch.

In no particular order, Police Officer Qualities that would make a good police officer:

1. Honest

2. Hardworking

3. Personable

4. Intelligent

5. Courageous

6. Reasonable

7. Trustworthy.

8. Motivated

etc, etc, etc.

But, what does all this mean? And how can you tell if you have these qualities?

I think deep down, you know to a certain extent. But some of these cases, these qualities, or lack thereof, may not be readily apparent.

Do you really have these qualities when you evaluate yourself? Do you PRETEND to have them, or do you truly have them? What would your friends and family say if someone asked them confidentially, behind closed doors?

Are you only "reasonable" or "trustworthy" in certain situations, or is it a quality that is ingrained in you?

Instead of just saying "yes" to the above words that are listed, maybe its better to look at situations instead. After all, as a police officer, you will be encountering challenging situations every day, and sometimes what is required of your duties will not be pleasant.

Are you a leader? When things happen at your job or in your life that are confusing, difficult or chaotic, are you the type that steps up and helps in working things out, or do you continually sit back and wait for others?

Can you intervene in tough situations and do "the right thing", knowing that you will likely take criticism from those you care about?

Are you willing to put yourself into potentially risky situation, one that may even become life threatening, in order to help a fellow officer or civilian who is in dire circumstances?

There are several situational questions that encompass many qualities.

Only you can truly know the answer to this.

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