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Female Officer Tribute Video

Wanted to share this video tribute for female officers :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNsuzYmX38k

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being a attractive female cop

being a female in this work force is hard, but its worth it. when i joined, i was so shy and quiet. the guys always picked on me because i couldn't raise

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young woman has question about harassment

I am an attractive mid-20s woman, and I have long thought about a career in police work in a big city. But my priority is keeping my sanity and relationship

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I have been a Police Officer for 7 years and have followed the footsteps of my dad in Policing. I originally worked in a Municipal service (City) and

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My opinion about the Boston communities effort

I am all for what the local government planned to do when they were on the hunt from the terrorist. Boston is a major city with around millions of people.

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25 Female Have A High School Dipolma Only.. Am I Hirable?

I have been a security officer for four years. During that time I developed an interest for police work. I have a strong interest in becoming a cop. At

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