Registering at a police information session is a good way to get more info... 

Police information sessions get set up when police departments start a recruiting drive for potentials officers. It's a good way for the department to gauge the interest by potential applicants, and it gives the people who are interested in policing a chance to come out and get some knowledge about the job.

You can call or register online to attend the session, but they generally don't allow people to just drop in without prior registration.



How many people are usually at a session? It's hard to say, but often times for bigger departments they'll have an auditorium set up so it could be anywhere from 30-100 plus, depending on the interest from the public.

There will be a recruiter or two on hand there who will give some kind of a presentation. Hopefully he or she will be using some kind of visual aid like a power point presentation, cause, let's be honest here.... sitting in an uncomfortable chair in an auditorium listening to someone just talking, even an enthusiastic and knowledgeable police recruiter, can be excrutiating and painful.

Now...what will they talk about? What kinds of information will they share with you? Well, hopefully, everything.  

They should be taking you step by step through what the testing process will be like, and how you can make yourself better prepared for the assessments. What kinds of time frames you can expect from each step, etc etc...

They will also go through a run down of what the training will be like, but more than likely won't go into too much detail because at this point, it's just cursory info that they are giving out.

Of course, they will also discuss some of the basic duties that a police officer will be required to do on a day to day basis.

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to ask questions, and the recruiter will normally hang around for a while after that to speak with any people who stay behind to ask more questions.

Remember, this is a great chance to ask anything and get as much info as possible. Don't be shy, and if you have anything at all to ask, now is your opportunity.

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