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Jan 17, 2011
by: Police-Officer-Pages

Hi Jamie, thanks for your comment(s).
To get ready for your physical you should make sure that you are well rounded in as many areas of fitness as possible. I'm not sure exactly what the physical encompasses at the specific department that you are applying for, but pretty much all have a cardio/aerobic portion, physical strength, and something to test your core strength/endurance(abdominals).

For cardio, just start jogging. Start at a pace that you are comfortable with and slowly increase the distance and pace. Start playing around with intervals during the middle of your jog (run hard at a sprint for maybe 20 -30 seconds, and slow right down for a couple minutes or however long you need until you are ready to sprint again). This increases your lactate threshold (basically you improve your ability to fight through the burning in your legs and push harder then you would if you had a lower lactate threshold, which could be important for any running type of testing)

Try doing pushups and any kind of weight training if you have any dumbells. Also work on your core by doing crunches/situps etc. It really depends on what kind of physical testing they do.

If there's some obstacle course, you will need to be able to put everything together, aerobically as well as strength. Try to mimic the course by running and incorporating some calisthenic exercises such as pushups and situps in the middle of it. If you are used to putting it all together during training, you will be more comfortable doing it at the physical.

Also remember to stretch because the last thing you want is to have an injury during training which will prevent you from attending the physical. There also may be a flexibilty component at your testing as well...

There really is no secret, just get active and work on everything that you can. But make sure you gear it towards the testing.

Write back and let us know how it went!

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