Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation refers to the changes which must take place in the department when shifting from traditional policing ideas to community policing.

Reaction based Policing often meant that department management was mostly concerned with statistics on arrest numbers, crimes rates, response times, etc...

In order for community policing to be successful, certain changes need to take place to optimize the environment for this type of policing. Changes in organizational structure, relations with the public, and the beliefs/behavior of the officers taking part.

The transformation will require a shift in thinking and attitude on the part of management as well as the officers who will be implementing this strategy.

Management will have to find ways to gauge success other than basic measurements, such as arrest numbers, and response times to calls.

Rather than deploying officers to patrol in their cars, officers can be assigned to specific targeted locations to increase Police presence and interact with community.

The idea of Community Policing is to prevent crime, and if successful, arrest numbers should decrease. Changes in management attitudes and focus on statistics will likely need an overhaul.

Traditionally, more has meant better. More arrests has meant that Police were doing more to arrest suspects of crimes.

With organizational transformation, management must recognize that success with community policing will mean less crime, and less crime in a particular area will equate to less arrests.

This in turn will equal an improvement in quality of life and better police/neighborhood relations for community members.

Not every officer may be eager to change their learned behavior of reaction based Policing.

For officers who have spent a considerable amount of time working in crime ridden locations, changing to what some might consider a "softer" strategy may be difficult.

Change can be difficult for anyone, and officers are no different.

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