NYPD salary

NYPD Salary starts at $44,744 and increases to $46,288 after 6 months.

Increases then take place every 12 months to the following:

$46,288 - $48,173 - $53,819 - $58,786 - $62,455 - $69,005

and finally, $90,829.

During the first and second year, officers are given 10 paid vacation days. That increases to 13 between years 3 to 5. After 5 years, it jumps to 27 paid vacation days.

Officers with the NYPD also are given unlimited sick time with full pay (try not to take full advantage of this though. It will hurt your career if you abuse this, I guarantee. If you get the reputation of being a slug who doesn't want to work you can say goodbye to any specialized units. Pretty much any unit that takes a new cop always does checks on an officer's sick record. They want to know if you will be reliable and come in to work and pull your own weight.)

For individuals who are interested in completing a college degree, the training in the Police academy qualifies for credits at certain colleges in New York.

Depending on what you want to major in ,you can receive up to 29 college credits.

16 Colleges offer tuition reduction programs for New York Police officers.

NYPD employs about 37,000 sworn police officers- the highest in the United States.

Interested applicants begin by writing a test (civil service exam). If successful, the applicant is placed on a list which the department uses to schedule further testing.

There is a pre hire interview, medical examination, and a psychological exam which is a written test. (There is a psychological interview which occurs also, but this takes place at a bit later). A job related physical test (it's a course which includes running and some resistance type obstacles) and a background interview.

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