New Jersey State Police Salary

The starting New Jersey State Police Salary is $58,748, or $4,895 per month.

This takes into account the uniform cleaning allowance which is provided to the trooper.

During the first year, the trooper gets 12 vacation days per year, and three personal days per year.

After 5 years of service, the trooper gains further vacation days per year at regular increments.

Troopers are also provided with 13 paid holidays every year.

Once the officer is into his second year, the salary increases to the amount of $65,622. Every year, the trooper's salary increases in steps until it reaches the top pay of $101,872.

When initially hired and in training, the recruits are provided accommodations and meals at the State Police Academy. It is located in Sea Girt, New Jersey. The new recruits are paid the sum of $778 every two weeks.

New Jersey State Troopers also have the opportunity to work overtime and get paid in cash or lieu time.

Troopers in the New Jersey State Police are also provided different options in regards to their medical and dental plans, with opportunity to select the best fit for their family situation.

There is also a prescription medication plan as well as vision care plans.

The medication/prescription plan require a deductible payment of $10, while generic/ no name brand medication require a deductible payment of $3.

The vision care plan provides members with partial reimbursement of vision exams, glasses, contact lenses.

All members of the New Jersey State police are required to retire at the age of 55.

The only exemption is the Superintendent.

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