Neighbor Dispute

They're crappy calls, but be prepared to be sent to neighbor dispute calls. It's not exciting, but it's gonna happen.

And unfortunately, you'll have to go. If you're dispatched, you can't refuse. Yes, you'll be tempted to refuse and just not make it there.

But, think two steps ahead. As a cop, you have to answer for the things you do, and the things you don't do. If you refuse to attend one of these disputes, and things get crazy between these two neighbors, you're going to have to provide an explanation.

Many of the calls arise from the same type of situations: arguments of a fence, a driveway, leaves from one neighbor's yard constantly blowing into another, loud music, etc. They're dumb calls, and there shouldn't be any need for anyone to call the police, but that's exactly what happens.

More often than not, these calls just require you to act as a mediator between both parties. You're not there to take sides with one party and let loose on the other. Listen to one side, and offer a suggestion. Than listen to the other side, and offer a suggestion. (It's actually better if THEY come up with the suggestion and both parties agree to it, but that hardly ever happens.)

Lets be honest. These calls suck. It involves adults who act like children and can't behave properly. But, when it's ongoing, it can escalate and become something really stupid. And violent.

Check out the video below:

Obviously, the above scenario is pretty extreme, and you're not going to see something like this at every dispute call. But, as tedious and dumb as these kinds of calls are, you never know where they can end up.

Here's one that I heard in the news a few years back. It's a dispute between a customer and a Burger King, so it doesn't involve neighbors. But, it does a good job of illustrating how people will call the Police over the dumbest things.

My personal, favorite part...

dispatcher: we're not going to go over there to make them make your cheeseburger the way you want it

customer: well...that's...that''re supposed to be here to protect me.

dispatcher: well what are we protecting you from, a wrong cheeseburger? Is this one a harmful cheeseburger?


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