Motorcycle Cop

Being a motorcycle cop can be a lot of fun. Imagine getting paid to ride around on your bike in the great weather, checking out the sights (when I say sights I mean ladies - or men, if you are a female officer) and you are on duty! Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

Remember that old TV show, CHiPs? If you do, well congratulations! You're old, just like me haha ! Didn't Poncharelli make it look like sooo much fun?!?!

The thing is, it can be somewhat hectic. Even though you are having fun, you are a motorcycle cop, and you will still have a job to do. You'll have to listen to the radio for any calls and doing so while operating the motorcycle won't be easy.

(Most departments use motorcycles for enforcing traffic laws so most officers on motorcycles don't have to handle regular "calls").

All the men and women riding on the job are all excellent riders, so they usually don't have a problem.

Click here for information on the types of motorcycles Police Departments use.

But, there is a definite risk. We all know that driving a car is statistically one of the most dangerous things that we all do everyday. Now, for some reason, when you are in a police cruiser, people in the public around you clam up and make dumb decisions. It's as if they are trying to drive tooo cautiously, and they can't make the simplest of decisions. But, at least when you are in a cruiser, you have some protection around you in the form of the car frame.

On a motorcycle, the only protection you have is that invisible force field known as air. If you are hit, brother, you are going down!

Despite the risks, motor units can be advantageous in many situations. Because they are much smaller than cruisers, they can get into areas that other officers wouldn't be successful at.

This couldn't be more evident than when an officer needs to get through crowded traffic to an accident victim.

Also, due to their size and maneuverability, they are often used for escorting delegates or other VIP's. They can get in front, beside, behind a delegate's car and then switch positions on the fly.

In many, if not most departments, they also use motorcycle cops for ceremonies and special events. Because of that, they get extensive training on the bikes.

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