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Apr 29, 2013
yes you can
by: April

I've posted on here before and am going on 7 years in law enforcement. I'm 5'3 and 125 lbs. I've served in the Army and am in pretty good shape for a 31 year old. The best advice I can give you is that the greatest weapon you have in your arsenal is not carried around you waist, or in your squad care and it is not taught to you in the academy..that weapon is your mouth/words! You don't have to be the biggest baddest thing out there, in fact those cops will get you killed, all you need is your smarts and your intuition. 9 times out of 10 you can diffuse a tense situation just by remaining calm, and listen to what the person is telling you. They just want someone to hear them-usually. You'll be surprised how you can talk a person into the back of squad with little to no resistance than a big muscular guy who ends up having to fight every subject. I'd recommend staying fit and presenting yourself as a professional and you'll end up doing better than most cops who have been there for go for it!

Mar 08, 2012
Go for it !
by: Police-Officer-Pages

Hello Julianna, thanks so much for the kind words about the site.

About your question, I will admit that at 5'3, you won't be a physically intimidating presence. But being a Police Officer isn't really about intimidating other people. You're there to investigate and mediate problems, and when appropriate, make arrests. Sure, there are times when being a bigger officer will help, but back up is usually available so make sure you get it when needed.

I won't lie to you - some officers may see you as too small and think that you won't be able to help them in a full out physical altercation with a suspect who has gone berserk.

But, the real question is, do YOU think that you will be able to help? Are you going to be the type of Officer that will stick her nose in the middle of it to help a fellow officer who is in trouble? If your answer is no, then other Officers will pick up on that. But if your answer is yes, then other officers will realize that too.

There are female officers who are your size (some even smaller) who are out there doing the job. If you are interested in being a Police Officer, and this is what you want, I'd say go for it. If you're worried that you're too small, maybe start a weight training program to build some size. Obviously, you won't be able to change your bone structure and become a giant, but you can put on more muscle.

Just remember that with increased muscle, you will find it more difficult to keep your cardio up to the same levels as before so make sure you find the right balance. Being a smaller officer, it will definitely benefit you to be in good all around shape.

Good luck to you, let us know how your application process goes if you decide to give it a shot. I'm sure others would love to hear about it!

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