Miami Police and Florida Trooper

The incident between the Miami Police and Florida Trooper was....interesting. And it highlights many different topics that we can discuss...

For those of you who are familiar with what happened, let's recap.

In October 2011, there was an incident which took place between a Miami Dade Police Officer and a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper which turned a lot of heads and grabbed headlines.

Trooper Donna Watts of the Florida Highway Patrol was working when she observed a Miami Dade Police Cruiser speeding on the Florida Turnpike. The operator of the Miami Cruiser was Officer Fausto Lopez.

Trooper Watts made an attempt to stop the cruiser being driven by Officer Lopez, who was driving at excessive speeds (Trooper Watts yells out 120 miles per hour at Lopez later on, but it's tough to verify via the dashboard camera). Trooper Watts followed for several minutes and activated her lights and wailer, but the Miami cruiser continued driving for minutes.

Eventually, Officer Lopez pulled over, at which time Trooper Watts approached the cruiser with her gun drawn. She shouted instructions and arrested Officer Lopez. He was handcuffed, frisked and put into the back of her cruiser.

There was a lot of media attention when word spread, as situations like this aren't often seen.

Check out the video of the onboard dash camera.

Now, the actual traffic stop is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this story. It created a snowball effect and a larger situation developed. (We'll get into that with further additions to the website)

Now, this situation contains many points that can be discussed and debated.

We can discuss camaraderie and brotherhood between officers, duties of an officer, officers and their driving habits, officer safety concerns, the list goes on and on.

Because of that, this scenario is actually really good to look at, and can be used to discuss those points.


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