Miami Dade Police Salary

Miami Dade police salary starts off at the academy at $ 40,932 It increases to the amount of $ 68,827

Once officers have completed their probationary period, they are assigned a patrol cars. This is so officers can become familiar with their specific vehicle and the belief is that the vehicle will be better taken care of.

Officers are allowed to take the vehicle home and drive it off duty, but there are guidelines that they must adhere to.

Officers of the Miami Dade police can retire after 25 years of service regardless of their age. ie. If you were sworn in at 21 years of age, you could retire at 46 years of age.

Retirement pay is based on 3 percent of the average of the last five-years of pay multiplied by the number of years of service

Miami Dade Police consist of about 3,000 sworn police officers.

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