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The Los Angeles Police Department (or LAPD for short), is currently under going an apparent shortage of officers.

From what's being reported in the news as of December 2013, the department is having a tough time recruiting potential officers.

Any and every department needs to fill the vacant spots which open up yearly when old time officers retire. 


In the case of the LAPD, the reports are that they were actually planning on increasing their numbers from the 10,000 cops they had recently, but it looks like just maintaining their rank and file numbers will be tough.

Living in California is expensive, and it looks like the Los Angeles Police is having to compete with other departments that are offering higher pay and benefits to new hires.

It's human nature I guess. If there are several different organizations, both with job openings, the ones that pay more will attract more attention from potential job seekers. And considering the size of the LAPD, increasing the salary of new hires will be an expensive proposition. Budget cuts have also affected their ability to market and "put themselves out there" so that people have them in their thoughts.

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Indications from the department is that they have to recruit about 300 - 350 new hires a year, just to fill in the spots left open from retirees, resignations and transfers out of the organization.  But they haven't been succeeding, and at present, they are down about 100 or so police officers.

Also reported is the fact that many of the people who have applied are being screened out of the hiring process due to the quality of the applicants themselves. Previous drug use, problems with the law, and other integrity issues have forced the  applicant pool down.

So, what does all this mean? Well, the LAPD is probably going to be down in man power for a while. And because they are competing with other organizations that are offering better pay and benefits to new officers, and they can't get the word out that they are hiring (due to budget restrictions) their numbers may continue to slowly dwindle. So if you live in California, or are willing to relocate there, and are a decent applicant you have a good shot at getting hired.  I'm not saying that they're desperate, but they definitely do need more cops...

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