Job Security

Generally speaking, there is more job security as a Police Officer than there is in the private sector.

The reason? The private sector is generally based upon profit and generating capital.

Police Officer Jobs (and other emergency services) are not there to make money.

It's about ensuring the safety and security of citizens. (Yes, I know, Police Officers give out speeding tickets. But its not to generate revenue. No Police department is listed on a stock exchange)

When a private company hits "hard times" (such as the economic downturn we are presently facing) jobs are cut. It's about the "bottom line" and cost saving.

The company has to protect itself from financial ruin, and unfortunately, if things get really bad, jobs are lost.

As a Police Officer, your job is to protect others. The Police Board is not going to start "axing" Police Officers to save money in their budget.

They may put a freeze on hiring, or wage increases, but I've yet to hear of Police Officers being laid off. (I guess it IS possible if you are a probationary officer and their number one goal is to save on money, but it's highly unlikely)

That doesn't mean that your job security is unlimited. It doesn't mean you can't be fired or "released".

I have heard of probationary officers being fired because they just weren't adequate in doing the job, or other officers being fired simply because they got themselves into REALLY HOT WATER, but not for the sole purpose of saving money.

As a Police Officer, you are needed because bad things happen frequently.

Criminal activity is on the rise and Police Departments just can't afford to lose the Officers that they already have.

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