Idiot Partners

Sometimes, you get saddled with idiot partners. It's just the way it goes.

A Police department, in many ways, is the same as any other organization/ company. There are many employees in different capacities that have various jobs and duties.

It's the type of work as a police officer when you are out on patrol that makes it different. You deal with unpredictable and volatile situations that can turn bad, really really quickly.

It's always great to have someone there that can back you up when the shit hits the fan. I'd like to think that even an idiot partner would assess a situation, recognize that the situation went badly and would jump in to help and back you up.

From strictly a safety standpoint, having any partner, moron or not, is safer.

But, there will be days that you'll wish that you could just kick that moron out of the car and work by yourself.

What makes a partner an idiot partner?

There's lots of things that can make someone an idiot, and I'm not just talking in terms of a police officer. People who generally do dumb things on a regular basis are usually considered idiots by people in general.


But, what about in terms of a police officer?


  • Creates problems rather than solving them: 

When cops get called to a call, its to try to solve a problem. You deal with the issue, ensure public safety, and move on. You don't go into a situation with an attitude, yell and scream at people for no reason, and cause tension and start a fight on your own. Sometimes, there is no way around it cause it's just the way it unfolds, but if your partner goes into every situation making it worse, he's probably an idiot.

  • Power trips on a regular basis:

This point is somewhat related to the point above in that if he or she power trips, the above will often happen. Talking down to people on a regular basis accomplishes nothing- it just makes you look like an idiot and puts your department in a bad light.

  • Drives like a maniac all the time:

There is no need to drive like you are going code 3 all the time. If your partner does this, he or she is putting you at risk because vehicular accidents happen all the time, and there is no reason to constantly put your safety in jeopardy.

  • Fluffs off calls: 

If you and your partner get sent to a call, and you always ending up doing everything because your partner is either too lazy or stupid, you have an idiot partner.

  • Kisses ass:

Sucks up to higher ranking officers, kisses ass, offers to buy them coffee/ lunch, lick their boots etc etc. A sign that your partner is not only an idiot, but a douche. 


There's actually a lot more to write in this section, but I'm sure that you get the picture.  (I HATE a suck up, kiss ass by the way)

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