Houston Police Salary

Upon hiring, the Houston police salary for recruits is $31,965. The recruits attend the Houston Police Academy for six months and are trained in all aspects of policing. The do not live at the academy, but are required to attend each day, Monday through Friday.

They are forbidden from holding any other form of employment, or attend any other form of schooling due to the intense training they receive at the academy.

Once the recruit is trained and on the road, the salary remains at the same level until they have passed their probationary period. This probationary period lasts for six months after graduation from the Houston Police Academy, during which time they receive field training for 12 to 16 weeks.

After the probationary period is complete, the Houston Police salary increases a level and is compensated in the amount of $42,126 per year. It increases every year and reaches the amount of $66,017.

These amounts are just the salaries paid to officers, and do not reflect the extra amount that will be earned due to overtime and off duty court time.

Officers that have also attained a higher level of education receive what is called the "outstanding education incentive pay". Individuals who have a degree from a college or university are eligible for this extra income, however it must be from a college or university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The amounts are:

$3,640 for a bachelor's degree

$6,240 for a master's degree

$8,840 for a doctoral degree

Once officers have completed their training, and have a full year of employment, they will receive vacation days in the amount of 35 paid days off. As they complete more years of service, this amount will eventually increase to 60 days, as well as 11 paid holidays.

Houston officers also benefit from a health insurance plan which is subsidized by the city of Houston. This also includes vision and dental plan options.

They also receive a defined benefit pension plan with options for early retirement.

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