Homeless Man Hides Shoes

Homeless man hides shoes...those were some of the headlines, when Jeffrey Hillman was spotted in Times square without shoes on his feet again.

Just to recap, Hillman was the homeless male who was spotted by Officer Deprimo of the NYPD, sitting outside a storefront without socks or shoes on his feet.

Officer DePrimo purchased socks and a pair of boots and gave them to Hillman. The interaction was photographed by a bystander, and it was a media sensation...

Since that time, Mr. Hillman was observed barefoot once again, and when interviewed by reporters as to why he wasn't wearing the boots that were given to him, he provided an honest and direct answer. He stated that the boots were now worth a lot of money, and he wanted to store them away.

According to some newspaper articles, they claim that Mr. Hillman is upset because the story has become, not only a story in the United States, but also a story worldwide, and people are using his photo and name without permission.

He has been quoted as saying that he "wants a piece of the pie" and he believes that he deserves monetary compensation as the photo has been spread around the world.

Now, whether this is accurate or not remains to be seen. If Mr. Hillman has chosen to store the boots away it really is his choice as they now belong to him. It doesn't in any way diminish the kind and generous act by the officer.

Now, why is this turn of events relevant in mentioning? It helps to illustrate something that you will see as an officer:

Officer DePrimo saw an individual who he thought he could help. I'm sure that he knew he wouldn't be able to change Mr. Hillman's life, but the officer did something to try and help him.

As an officer, you are going to be in positions like this all the time. You will encounter people who have serious problems, and you can do what you think is the right thing, and perhaps the only thing at the time, to help them. And often times, you won't change a thing.

Do your best to not get discouraged. This job is unfortunately filled with awful situations, and sometimes your best efforts won't yield the results that you are hoping for.

It's just the way it is sometimes.

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