How do Hatch Gloves offer protection ?

Hatch gloves are excellent tools for officers who are out on the road.


Because they offer protection to officers when they need to search suspects or deal with scummy and dirty environments.

Cops don't generally walk the beat or drive in their cruisers wearing their hatch gloves. It's tacky, uncomfortable, and serves no purpose. Often times, they will be carried in a back pocket or cargo pocket and can be accessed easily enough when they are needed.

Now then question is, when are they needed?

Lets just say that you are about to make an arrest and you know the guy is somewhat...unsanitary. It might be a good idea to put on the gloves before taking hold of the guy and slapping on the cuffs.

Its also a good idea to have the gloves on when you are conducting a search of a suspect. I think one of the biggest concerns of doing a search on a suspect is that you will get poked or cut by a sharp object that is hidden in the suspect's clothing, whether it be a pocket, lining of a jacket, or whatever.

Any sharp object can be dangerous, but especially needles, or syringes. Drug users may conceal these on their person, and the last thing you need is to prick a finger on a needle and worry about contracted some kind of disease, AIDS or otherwise.

Now, these gloves are not cut or puncture PROOF. They are cut or puncture RESISTANT. That means they offer protection, but are not 100%. You can be a little more confident with them on, but you will never be completely protected from risk.

I guess it's kinda like a condom ha ha ha.

How do these gloves work?

There are different types of Gloves, but the ones we're talking about here are the cut resistant gloves. Some of them have an interior kevlar lining (kevlar is the tightly woven material used in bullet proof vests) which protects against cuts. There are other gloves that they sell that have an even stronger lining which they advertise as being twice as cut resistive as the kevlar model gloves.

But remember, they are not 100%. You've still got to be careful when conducting searches, or when in dirty, dangerous environments.

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