Foot Pursuit

Being in a foot pursuit can be exciting, but still requires an officer to stay level headed and calm.

You'll need to have the sense of mind to communicate key info into your radio to relay to dispatch and backup.

You'll have to communicate things like your location, direction of travel, description of the suspect, what he's wanted for, and if he's carrying a weapon (if known).

Doing this while running and constantly analyzing for increasing threat levels displayed by the suspect can be challenging.

As you're in pursuit, the suspect could be reaching into his front waistband area for a gun- and if you're not paying close attention to his arm movements, you may not notice it until its too late.

Or he could be leading you into an area where he knows he has the tactical advantage- turf where he may be familiar with and have backup scumbags waiting to jump you. Pursuing a suspect who runs around a corner is particularly risky. It's basically a blind spot for those moments that he's out of your sight.

It could take you 3 seconds to get him back into view. Or maybe 6-7. You don't know what he's doing around that bend.

Is he waiting for you to catch up to him? Is he aiming his gun at that corner? Or maybe a knife or pipe. If you don't take that corner wide when you round it, you could be in trouble.

These are just a few things to consider among many, but they must be considered when actively chasing down the bad guy.

But remember, always keep up your location. If things do go bad, backup officers need to be able to get to you if they are going to help you.

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