Female Officer History

Female officer history :

The first woman hired in the United States as a Police Officer was Alice Stebbin Wells.

She was born on June 13 1873.

Alice was a pentecostal minister in Kansas, and through her work with the church, became familiar with issues involving juveniles and women and their victimization in crime.

Particularly due to their vulnerabilities, and what she believed to be an inability of the Police to empathize with their plight, Alice decided to pursue a career with the Police.

It wasn't easy. She wasn't welcomed in with open arms. Alice petitioned the Los Angeles Mayor, police commissioner and city council, before she was finally successful. Alice joined the Los Angeles Police Department, and was sworn in on September 12, 1910, becoming not only the first female Police Officer in the United States, but it is also believed, the world.

During her employment she also founded and was the first president of the International Association of Police Women.

She worked to promote acceptance and hiring of female officers, in both the United States and Canada.

Alice retired from the LAPD in 1940. She passed away on Aug. 17, 1957

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