Female Cop Stereotype

A female officer has to deal with a lot of criticism. There is the female cop stereotype, the pressures of having to prove themselves to their male counterparts, as well as society's expectation of any female who is out in the workforce.

I've seen it first hand, when a female officer joins the department.

If she's attractive but not physically intimidating, guys will roll their eyes or comment that she's inadequate to back them in a physical confrontation with a suspect.

If she is a hulking presence, guys will roll their eyes and comment on the fact that she's a "butch".

Both of these feed into the female cop stereotype. It's unfair but it exists.

Woman police officers also have to deal with society's expectation of their gender role, notwithstanding their chosen career path.

Times are slowly changing, and many agree that family/house work has to be shared between both the male and female.

There is, however, a lingering belief among some people that women should be involved in more of the family life and responsibility. (Please don't hate my guts, I'm not saying this is what I believe, I'm just commenting in general terms on what some of the population still believes.)

Police work involves a hectic shift schedule, and missing birthday parties for kids, holidays,recitals, etc etc.... is a fact of life.

Society may not be very forgiving that a mother would miss these events, yet unfairly, may justify the father for missing the very same events citing their chosen profession and the sacrifices that they must make.

One other thing which the public seems to idiotically perpetuate is calling or referring to a female officer as a "bitch" when she does her job, and uses authority or aggressiveness when doing so.

In this field of work, there will be times when officers will have to use force. Not all suspects can be reasoned with, and what needs to be done, well, gets done. That DOES NOT MAKE A FEMALE COP A BITCH. It's a stupid double standard.

When a male officer investigates using some hardball tactics, it's fine. When a female officer does the same, she gets referred to as a bitch.

It's a policewoman stereotype that's unfair and flat out stupid.

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