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I am a female corrections officer who is going on 5 years and I can so relate to what this article says. I have shared in many ups and downs of not feeling as good as my male counterparts because as it has been said many times prison / police work is a good ole boys club.

I have even been told by a few of my male co workers that women do not belong in the prison/ corrections system or in the line of police work because we are too sensitive. However I am here to say that I feel as if I am just as good as my male co workers if not better because there are times when a convict feels more at ease to tell a female officer pertinent information.

I have also been on a "duress" where there was one other female besides myself and he was attacked by a prisoner with a weapon and she and I both responded radially and adequately.

I too have seen many male officers act as "cowboys", meaning that they get prisoners hyped up by yelling in their faces or showing their dominance and as a female officer I have learned that it is not as necessary to get the point across. What both sexes can learn is that there is always a consequence to our actions and women are just as needed as men within the department and system. In the end, I feel that a female officer can get the same tasks done but in a different manner then our male officers.

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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan Corrections Officer
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I now have 5 years and 7 months within the department. Everyday I enter the gate and walk the beat I thank God for my safety, the alertness of other officers. I am only 5 feet tall but I am here to say size doesn't matter in any line of "police work/corrections". Its in the manner in which you present yourself. If you give respect you get respect. If you speak with authority and assertiveness you will gain compliance. I am 33 years old but look about 20 lol Ladies its not your size or looks that matter. Learn your job inside out. Always ask questions. Never be afraid to admit when you are wrong. Respect your superiors. You never stop learning. Criminals are criminals. You wont always change them but take pride in knowing you are protecting your community. I am a corrections officer. I seek, I find, I write tickets and I walk the beat with those you catch. Thank you for everything you police officers do.

May 02, 2013
Great point
by: police-officer-pages

I completely agree with your point that female officers can accomplish the same tasks.

Sometimes it's done in a different way as you said, but as long as the problem is solved, and a tense situation is handled safely and de-escalated, the job has been done.

I've worked with female officers on several occasions and I have noticed (I don't mean to generalize here) but they have excellent interpersonal skills and through good communication, can deal with any tense calls.

Thanks so much for commenting, I think you're the first correctional officer to drop us a line on the site! Be safe!

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