Drug Addict

As a cop, you will undoubtedly come across a drug addict or two while in the course of your duties.

Lets be honest, drug addicts ( aka junkies, for the less politically correct) are a pain in the ass to deal with. They are responsible for lots of crimes in the community, such as burglary, robberies, smash and grabs from parked cars, etc...

When a junkie is jonesing for a fix, he or she doesn't really care how or where they get the hit from.

If getting the money for drugs puts them in a position where they have to commit a robbery, or burglarize a home, they may very well do it. An addiction can be so powerful, that nothing matters, except for getting the next hit.

Many cities have areas which are seedy and known to be a haven for drug use. It's not uncommon to see people loitering in a zombie like state. It's like watching a George Romero film come to life.

What you can do is hang around an alley or parking area which is dark and watch for one of these guys checking door handles or breaking windows. They're not looking to steal the ride, just check for cash or GPS systems to sell quick so they can get their next score.

Many people see an addict and just dismiss them, but the reality is that they can be extremely dangerous. When jonesing, they can be very desperate, and a situation can become out of control. A junkie who breaks into a premise thinking it is empty may unknowingly come across someone inside. If they are in withdrawl, and not in control, its unclear what may happen.

Whenever you are dealing with an addict, make sure that you use caution. If you are conducting a search, be careful. A syringe could be concealed anywhere is the clothing, and the last thing you need is to get poked with the needle. With all the diseases out there, it's a huge safety issue.

Not every drug addict will be a criminal that breaks into cars and steals. Some will have jobs and support their habit, but as police, we often deal with and interact with those that have hit the bottom end. Unemployed, sick and diseased, and unable to control themselves.

It's tough to see, and you may have conflicting thoughts. On one end, you see someone that commits crimes to support their drug habit. On the other hand, you see someone's son, daughter, mother or father, who has become pulled into this sick world of addiction.

And fueling that fire, and profiting from it is the piece of shit drug dealer.

But, that's a discussion for a different page.

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