Have you ever met a disgruntled Police Officer? Be careful...you might become one yourself !

If you become a cop, you will one day run into a disgruntled police officer. Maybe even sooner than you realize! It might be on your first day on the job, or hell, it might even be your field training officer ha ha ha.

All kidding aside, there are some cops who are just bitter, jaded and completely and utterly disgruntled. It can really be a downer if you always run into them at work.

Being a cop is already a tough job to begin with. You go to calls and deal with crazy people, see disgusting and disturbing living conditions, and situations that are just tough to really describe through words on a web page. It can honestly mess with your mind a bit.

Having to work with a bitter bastard of a partner doesn't exactly help the situation, if you know what I mean...

Actually, I should clarify this a little bit.

To be honest and frank, when one of these "doom and gloom" cops goes off on a rant and bitches about anything and everything it can sometimes be funny.

They'll be so worked up about something, they will need to vent, and they will just pick a topic and go bat-shit crazy, saying some dumb stuff. Sometimes, it's so ridiculous that you'll have to hold it together and try not to laugh.

Usually when a disgruntled police officer is complaining or whining, it's about a promotion that they got passed over on, or a spot in a specialized unit that they didn't get.

If you work with someone that is always disgruntled, you can actually just stand back and enjoy the show.

How you ask?

Well, for every disgruntled cop, there are other police officers who like to joke around and stir up shit.

Just grab a coffee and stick around the area. Usually it goes something like this.

Mr. Disgrunto comes in on roll call a bit early. He's already got the reputation of being bitter and disgruntled. He sits down, and doesn't say anything but just looking into his face tells everyone that something is bothering him.

So, another Officer decides to stir the pot says asks him how his promotional interview went. Before Officer Disgrunto can answer, he cuts him off and congratulates him on getting the promotion. Of course, Disgrunto never got the promotion, and it's common knowledge already because everyone has already heard who was successful, and Disgrunto wasn't one of them.

Of course, Officer Disgrunto doesn't like that someone is mocking him, and he loses his shit, saying what an ass the guy is, and how the whole system for promotions is stupid.

So, of course Officer shit disturber points out Disgrunto's poor attitude and tells him "no wonder you didn't get it. You've got such a bad attitude."

Of course, now he's really starting to fume and about to blow his stack, but he can't. He has to hold it together because the Sergeant has just walked in and is starting roll call.

You might not think it's fun or funny to bug someone when they are in a "mood". I'm not trying to say it is. I'm just pointing out that there are disgruntled police officers, and those who have fun with them. That's all.

I can tell you this though. If you're saddled with a doom and gloom partner, you can get fed up with listening to it really quickly when you're sitting in a car with them, day in and day out.


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