Deputy Police Chief

A deputy police chief is the second in command of the department. He or she is obviously a very high ranking officer, and the duties and responsibilities are plentiful.

When an individual gets to this position, they have only one person within the department that they have to answer to: the police chief.

He/ she reports directly to the chief, and in most departments is in command of the various major units and bureaus within the organization.

These can include departmental operations, human resources, internal affairs, etc...

Although these units will have their own commanders, they will report to the deputy chief. He, in turn, will relay and report the necessary information to the chief.

The deputy chief generally will spend most of his / her time within an office, conducting his duties from there. They will oversee the activities and actions of the officers who fall under his command as a whole. Although not having direct contact on a regular basis with the detectives and officers, the DC keeps appraised of all the serious issues and situations that arise.

Reading reports such as crime trends, statistics, assisting with putting together policy and improving existing ones are all part of the duties required.

Often times, the DC is also required to step in and perform not only his/ her duties, but also the duties of the chief when the chief is away. He will be required to attend community functions and meetings, speak at events, and assist in building community relationships between the Department and the community.

Depending on the Police department, some organizations will have several deputy police chiefs. Some organizations have so many individuals, whether it be officers or civilian, that having several DC's is a necessity.

Obviously, the duties will be spread out between the deputies, with some possibly being in command of certain areas, and others being in charge of other areas.

Clearly, the high ranking officers in this spot have only one more rung on the ladder to climb as far as promotion goes. They all want to make it to chief!!! It would be curious to see the amount of politics power plays that take place at this level lol...

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