Dallas Police Salary

The Dallas Police Salary begins at $41,690 when training begins, but if you have a University Bachelor's degree the salary is increased to $42,890.


When you graduate and are sworn in as an officer, you remain at that wage, but the salary increases every  year from that point until your tenth year as an officer.

The amounts are as follows:

  • $43,754
  • $45,933
  • $48,249
  • $50,657
  • $53,179
  • $55,862
  • $58,637
  • $61,572
  • $64,651

For those with the bachelor's degree, the amounts are:

  • $44,950
  •  $47,133
  • $49,449
  • $51,857
  • $54,379
  • $57,062
  • $59,837
  • $62,772
  • $65,851


Officers are also paid an extra $100 -$150 a month if they speak either spanish, vietnamese, cambodian, laotian, or have sign language. But, you get tested on your ability and must prove that you are fluent (just putting it on your resume won't cut it.)

Officers are also awarded up to 6.5% in a pay increase if over 50% of the shifts that they work are between 6 PM-6 AM.

There is also an incentive/pay increase for members of the Dallas Police Department that continue to improve their education by taking college or university classes. It can increas by as much as $60 per month.

Pay can also increase for officers who upgrade their TCLEOSE Certification (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education).

It can increase to $200 per month for intermediate certification, and $500 per month for master peace officer certification.


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