Cop Gifts

Looking for a present for a cop? Consider these when shopping for cop gifts...

A cop generally spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun. They could be a beat cop pounding the pavement through the neighborhood.

Or maybe they're in the car, but constantly getting in and out to go to calls and investigate people.

So you could consider the following:

How about a decent pair of sunglasses? They make great cop gifts. But, a bit of advice from a front line cop. DON'T get a crazy expensive designer pair of glasses.

Get something that does the job blocking out the UV rays, looks stylish, but doesn't cost a fortune.

Why? Well, I've had an expensive pair of sunglasses and scratched them up really badly at work when I got into a scuffle trying to arrest a guy. Personally, I would much rather get a good pair that I felt comfortable wearing at work but would not freak out if I damaged it.

That doesn't mean I would "look forward" to a pair of $6.99 glasses at a bargain store. But I wouldn't wear a pair of $200 glasses at work. Too easily scratched and damaged. I'd rather wear a $40 -$60 pair. (Even that is expensive )

Or give him/her the option by providing a gift certificate so that they can get 1 expensive pair, or buy 2 more reasonable pair.

Or another idea would be a pair of leather search gloves. The provide some protection for the officer when he is searching a suspect.

Click for info on Hatch Gloves

Many of these have a kevlar lining inside so they protect from sharp edges when an officer puts his hands in someone's pocket and encounters a knife or blade.

Another idea would be a good flashlight. Departments issue these to their officers, but it's always good to have a second one.

Click here for info on the importance of flashlights to officers

A smaller, brighter, compact unit is obviously better because it's easier for the office to carry. Of course, this may make for a more expensive light to purchase...

How about a good old folding knife? Or maybe a multi tool?

For gifts that are really inexpensive, you might consider sunscreen. You can be sure that it will be used- especially in the summer.

There are many ideas for cop gifts, and not all of them have to be something that are to be used on duty. Like any gift, something unique will be cherished.

Maybe your cop friend likes to collect Police patches. You could try to get ahold of some obscure Police patch from a department that he doesn't have in his/her collection.

Or maybe you could get a framed drawing/picture by an artist that specializes in emergency service art.

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