I have been a Police Officer for 7 years and have followed the footsteps of my dad in Policing. I originally worked in a Municipal service (City) and joined the Provincial watch dogs after 3.5 years. While in the city, the challenge was in fact trying to deal with people from all over the world, seeing gender before the uniform and thereby not respecting the instructions given. The main difference for me, was the reaction that my male counterpart would offer for example, the story mentioned above with the person not responding to what the female officer is saying and then male counterpart in so many words redirects bad guy, I have been there 100's of times. This to me is paramount, it shows me that my partner respects me as his equal and the brotherhood/sisterhood grows more solid. On the other side, when there is no verbal response when a bad guy talks shit from your partner then its pretty simple there is no backup and then relationship can not be built on bullshit.
In fairness, I am a Police Officer. I have performed the very same tasks and tests as my male counterparts successfully, I brought very real and tangible experiences to the table. I work hard and sometimes I make mistakes but bare minimum I expect my brothers an sisters to have my back in front of the bad guy. This struggle unfortunately continues in 2014.

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